Norfolk and Suffolk

innovation expedition
Lets Breakthrough
and go Beyond!
We have taken inspiration from explorers, adventurers and key thought leaders to develop this unique project which sees innovation as a journey every business must go on.

Together with partners across the region, we will create unique environments that stimulate innovation, by leading diverse and cross-cutting teams on expeditions to new cross-cluster market opportunities.

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Our Goal is to Help Businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk be more…


Built upon a foundation of culture change, we implement the Productivity Framework; a variety of activities and services coordinated across the region to help businesses realise their potential


Built upon the region’s competitive advantages, we designed a framework to help businesses and institutes to promote their strengths and discover new markets for their services and products


Our innovation process will be targeted at three customer types: Individual, Business and Cluster. Each one will have different experiences and will be engaged through different activities

Begin your journey with our innovation platforms

Innovation platforms

By being part of the Breakthrough program, our partners will gain resource for and access to cross-cluster innovation platforms

Learning Platforms

Allows unlimited access to training content, including benchmarks, videos and tools

Support Platforms

Provides resources and guides, delivered by trained facilitators through 1-to-1 support

Open Innovation

Creates on open community to solve challenges and connect innovators across sectors

Digital platforms

Apps, geomapping, and CRM systems to manage connections and support innovation

Through the project we will deliver

A range of outcomes and outputs, although these are important, for us it is all about the journey not just the destination


Business supports




Making an Impact Across the Region

In order to transform the productivity, innovation and competitiveness of Norfolk and Suffolk’s businesses, Breakthrough’s Innovation Expedition will focus on 7 continuums of the innovation process.

Our partners

We are working with key innovation hubs across our region and with a unique combination of delivery and strategic partners